In Praise of the Humble Snail

They might not be the sexiest subjects for a wildlife photographer to shoot, but photographing snails is genuinely good fun. They can’t run away very quickly (although they can be surprisingly uncooperative) and they’re certainly […]

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Urban Fox Update

It’s two months since I was in Bristol photographing a family of foxes, but an unfortunate event a few days ago reminded me that I still hadn’t written up this blog post from my final […]

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Red Deer Rut (Again!)

It didn’t take much to convince me to go back to Richmond Park again. A good weather forecast with a high chance of mist was all it took for me to head off forĀ another weekend […]

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Searching for Ptarmigan

Halfway through my backpacking trip around Scotland this spring, I hitchhiked over to the Cairngorms in search of what might just be the hardiestĀ bird in Europe – the Ptarmigan. After a couple of nights spent […]

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Red Deer Rut

London might not be the most obvious place to see one of the UK’s most spectacular wildlife displays, but early autumn in Richmond Park is hard to beat. Towards the end of September, the 600 […]

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